TeamViewer Alternatives: 20 Best Remote Desktop Software 2019

TeamViewer Alternatives 2019: Top 10 Best Remote Desktop Software 2019TeamViewer Alternatives 2019: Top 20 Best Remote Desktop Software 2019 Remote Desktop Access is indeed an excellent way to keep in touch with our computer files. It’s a type of program that allows users to connect with any computer from a different location. Here are the 15+ best alternatives of TeamViewer that you can opt for your remote desktop activities.TeamViewer Alternatives: Best Remote Desktop Software 2019If we talk about files management, then nothing can beat Remote Desktop Access. Remote Desktop Access is indeed an excellent way to keep in touch with our computer files. Remote Desktop Access lets users in accessing and managing files from any possible location.Also Read: Best Skype Alternatives 2019If I have to mention remote desktop access in one line, then I would say that it’s a type of program that allows users to connect to any computer from a different location.Whenever we talk about Remote Desktop Access, the first thing that strikes our mind is TeamViewer. This app lets you remotely control other PC just like a TV remote. Users just need to seek the User ID and Password of their friends’ TeamViewer account, and then you can access their computer remotely.TeamViewer is indeed a great app for getting started on a remote desktop. However, users always question TeamViewer regarding security. Teamviewer, if not properly configured, can put your system at Huge risk.Therefore, here in this article, I am going to share 20 best Alternatives of Teamviewer that you can opt for your remote desktop activities.#1 Windows Remote Desktop ConnectionIt is a free tool built into the Windows operating system. Windows Remote Desktop Connection could be the best alternative of Teamviewer because it lets users connect to a computer running Windows from another computer. Windows Remote Desktop ConnectionThis is a great tool for users beginning out on Remote desktop clients. The best thing is, users don’t need to install any other app as it comes inbuilt in Windows Operating System.Visit Website#2 UltraVNC TeamViewer Alternatives 2019: Best Remote Desktop Software 2019UltraVNC is another remote management tool which comes with lots of features. Some of the features are advanced and are not recommended for those who are the beginner in this field. UltraVNC supports multiple monitor sharing, that means you can connect with more than one computer using UltraVNC. UltraVNC is one of the trustable and most used apps in remote management field.Get it from here#3 LogMeIn TeamViewer Alternatives 2019: Top Best Remote Desktop Software 2019This is another free tool which let users remotely control another computer. The best thing of LogMeIn is that it allows users to control up to 10 computers or Mac from any other computer with an internet connectivity. The premium version of LogMeIn provides full remote access and brings multiple features like file transfer, print documents etc.Get it from here#4 TightVNC Best Remote Desktop SoftwareTightVNC is another free utility that let users control computers remotely. This shares a similar interface like TeamViewer. Tight VNC also has a client for Android and iOS that means you can control computer from your smartphone too!Get it from here#5 is actually developed by LogMeIn. is an online conferencing platform that allows multiple users to connect with each other. is a premium service and it offers unlimited audios that means anyone can join a call from any device. Join.meIf we talk about the paid version of, it allows up to 250 participants to join the online meeting and can share their screen across the attendees.Get it from here#6 Splashtop TeamViewer Alternatives 2019For a business person, Splashtop offers free and premium remote desktop tools. Splashtop is supported by Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS. This is easy to use tool, but users face difficulties while installation as the user has to go through some complicated steps to finish the installation process. Splashtop offers minimum latency on Audio and video streaming, that means you can enjoy watching media remotely.Get it from here#7 RealVNC RealVNCThis is another remote control tool that allows users to view and fully interact with another computer. The best part of RealVNC is, both of the computers don’t need to have the same operating system. That means you can control a Linux or Mac computer from your Windows computer.Get it from here#8 AmmyyThis is a little tool which comes for free. This is fast and lightweight and offers services similar to TeamViewer. The Ammy Admin tool comes under 1Mb. This allows users to perform actions like file transfer, live chats etc. TeamViewer AlternativesAmmyy Admin is one of the safest and easiest ways to quickly access a remote desktop within a few seconds. The tool is now used by more than 75,000,000 personal and corporate users.Get it from here#9 WebEx FreeWebEx from Cisco comes in two version – Free and Premium. This tool allows users to remotely connect with other users based on another operating system. WebEx is supported by Windows, Linux, Mac OS , and Mobile apps. However, the free version of the app has some restrictions. TeamViewer Alternatives 2019: Best Remote Desktop Software 2019According to Webex, it now powers 20 million reliable meetings per month, more than all the knockoffs combined.Get it from here#10 Mikogo TeamViewer Alternatives LatestMikogo is the bit different from all other listed here. This tool offers a unique feature which is known as “Join Via Browser”. Here users can connect without downloading and installing software. This tool comes in free and premium version. Although Mikogo priced a bit heavily for business users, the free version could also be of great use.Mikogo offers a free screen sharing software solution, which thousands of organizations worldwide use to promote their online meetings and web conferences.Get it from here#11 CloudBerry Remote Assitant CloudBerry Remote AssitantCloudBerry Remote Assistant is a free software for Windows.This solution is designed to access and control a desktop or server computer remotely. It has a user-friendly interface with the advanced features. For example, if you’d like to improve your security level you just need to turn on the encrypted connection option. This software is both intuitive and reliable.It has a free price tag as for private use as well as for the commercial environment.Get it from here#12 Remote Utilities TeamViewer AlternativesRemote Utilities follows the same theme as of Teamviewer. On Remote Utilities, you can control a total of 10PCs via ‘Internet ID’. All computer must have Remote Utitlies client installed in order to share the screen. However, the initial setup of Remote Utilities is a little bit confusing and it runs only on Windows operating system. So, its another best remote utility tool that you can use today.Get it from here#13 AeroAdmin TeamViewer Alternatives For WindowsIf you are looking for an easy to use tool for remote access, then AeroAdmin might be the best one for you. It’s basically a portable tool in which you need to share the IP Address to others to start screen sharing. Another best thing about AeroAdmin is that it works right away without modifying any internet settings. So, AeroAdmin is another best remote access tool that you can use today.Get it from here#14 AnyDesk AnyDeskAnyDesk is another best remote desktop software like TeamViewer which you can use right now. Guess what? AnyDesk is much faster compared to TeamViewer and it’s one of the fastest remote utility tools that you can use on your Windows 10 computer. On AnyDesk, you need to enter the host’s AnyDesk-Address or alias to start the screen sharing.Get it from here#15 Remote PC Remote PCIf you are looking for a simple to use remote desktop software for your Windows 10 computer, then Remote PC might be the best pick for you. Remote PC has both free and premium plans. Under the free plan, users are only allowed to connect with one computer at a time. So, Remote PC is another best free remote desktop software 2019 which you can use on your Windows 10 computer.Get it from here#16 Anyplace Control Anyplace ControlIf you are searching for an easy to use yet fast remote desktop software for Windows operating system, then Anyplace Control might be the best pick for you. Guess what? with Anyplace Control, you can remote access PC from anywhere. Not just that, but Anyplace Control can also connect even through Firewalls or Router. So, Anyplace Control is another best remote desktop software for Windows 2019.Get it from here#17 Beyond Trust Beyond TrustBeyond Trust offers users tools for privileged access management. It also has remote support which allows users to access any desktop device or any other device remotely. The remote session is compatible with almost all major operating system like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, etc. So, Beyond Trust is another best remote desktop software that you can use right now.Get it from here#18 Connectwise Control Connectwise ControlIf you are searching for a remote access software that’s fast, reliable, secure and uncomplicated, then Connectwise Control might be the best pick for you. Guess what? with Connectwise Control, you can access any device instantly. Not just that, but Connectwise Control also allows users to start a remote session to control mobile devices like Android and iOS. So, Connectwise Control is definitely the best TeamViewer alternative that you can consider.Get it from here#19 Zoho Assist Zoho AssistZoho Assist is another best free remote access tool that you can use on your Windows 10 computer. The great thing about Zoho Assist is that it works on Windows, Linux, and Mac computers. With Zoho Assist, you can easily share screens and files. Not only that, but once connected, Zoho Assist also offers chat features as well. So, Zoho Assist is another best remote access tool for Windows 10 that you can use right now.Get it from here#20 SysAid SysAidSysAid is another best and popular remote desktop software that you can use on Windows operating system. It’s basically a service desk and help desk software solution that’s mostly used to track IT assets in IT infrastructures. Apart from that, with SysAid, you can easily share screens. However, the remote desktop software for Windows lacks chat feature. Still, SysAid is another best TeamViewer alternatives in 2019 that you can use today.Get it from hereSo, these are the 20 best TeamViewer alternatives for your remote desktop sharing. Hope you like the article, share it with your friends too!AUTHOR